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iltd starts to's. russia and the u.figure out a w to's the crisis. a deadly explosion rock as new jersey neighborhood, a severed gas line ignites, destroying nearly a dozen homes leaving one woman dead. >> and a high school student who's suing her parents for financial support has some of her pleas rejected but the judge has tough words for each side. >> she's always going to be your daughter and they're always going to be your parents.
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this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 5th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. today nato says they will attend. yesterday secretary of state john kerry paid tribute to those who died in rallies. the u.s. offered an age package of nearly 1 billion dollars. susan mcginnis has more now from washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. president obama said yesterday it might be possible for the situation in ukraine to de-escalate over the next several days or weeks. he's been talking about a so-called off ramp for president putin to step back from the crisis without losing face. diplomacy takes center stage today. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with his russian
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counterpart this morning in paris. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and everybody in the world that we're not seeking confrontation. >> last night president obama talked about a possible resolution with german chancellor angela merkel. it would allow russian troops to stay in cry nia but on their bases and they would make sure they were protected. he calls it a humanitarian mission. he also said he would really not a whole lot of reason judge big what putin's done in the past to think they're going to leave. >> the u.s. still considering economic sanctions against russia. now, u.s. troops will be part of this international observer.
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two from each of the 15 nations will be sent there. they're supposed to leave today. >> thank you, susan. russia tested one of its intercontinental ballistic missiles. its dummy warhead landed at a test range in kazakhstan. russia had warned the u.s. as is required by the treaty. it had been postponed several times. russian president said such measures would be counterproductive. thoernlt mason reports. >> reporter: the threat of economic sanctions has not taken a tighter hold. do you think they're willing to let putin keep crimea? >> i don't think they have much of a choice.
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>> reporter: william parks is part of. two-thirds of the gas travels in pipelines through ukraine. germany gets 38% from russia. france, 18%. the u.s. has little economic leverage. only 2% of its trade is with russia. but sparks says the west's most effective move is to pump billions in economic aid into the new government in kiev, which is close to default. >> it's not about sanctions. it's not about punishing russia. it's about helping the yukrain ukrainian. >> you still think putin has miscalculated here. >> i do think he's miscalculated. the idea that the russians are going to win ukrainian hearts and minds in any foreseeable
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future iss out of the question at this point. so what have the russians gained? they've gained control in crimea, shaken their firsts at the west but in the long-term goal it's hart to see how it helps them. >> it could disrupt the flow through those pipelines and more than half of the budget revenue, 52% comes from oil and gas. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, overseas markets get a bounce and united gets tough on big carry-on bags. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. asian markets finished higher on easing tensions in ukraine. tokyo's nikkei gained 1% to hit a one-week high. hong kong's hang seng lost half a percent. stocks on wall street also got a lift. the dow jones industrial gained nearly 228 points. the nasdaq composite rose 74
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points. general motors has started an internal review of its recall. last week they doubled the number of cars it was recalling because of faulty ignitions. it has been linked to 13 deaths. the company admitted it knew of the problem a decade ago and apologized for its slow response. republican congressional leaders are shootsing down the president's budget proposapropo. it pulls back cuts to social security, approves new money for education and higher taxes for the wealthy. it also includes projection on unemployment. ton employment rate was 6.6% in january and it's projected to not hit prerecession levels. falls to 5.4% in 2018. that's ten years after the
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recession began. electronic retailer radioshack says it's close about 1,100 of its stores. in stores that were open at least a year, sales dropped 19% last quarter. radioshack has admitted its stores are out of date and needs a makeover. and unite airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized bags. they'll be sent back to ticket counter, they'll be charged a $25 bagged fee. too many passengers are trying to put too much in the overhead bin. anne-marie. >> i've seen those. they're basically suitcases they're trying to pass off as carry- carry-on. texas held its first state
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wide election at this time of year. she won the democratic nomination for governor. she'll face attorney general greg abbott. cornyn and sessions defeated tea party challenges and george p. bush wot the powerful nomination of post of land commissioner. yesterday's explosion in ewing township killed one woman. her body was discovered later in the day on top of a car. seven others were injured. the complex was still smouldering overnight. investigators believe a contractor may have damaged a gas line. jericka duncan reports. >> reporter: it could be days before some residents of this ewing township, new jersey, neighborhood will be allowed back into their homes. that is those who have them. as many as 12 homes were
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destroyed. dozens more damaged in a massive gas explosion. >> there was just this very loud explosion and right after that my front door, glass door got shattered. >> it blew all of our windows in as well as our screen door and storm windows. >> reporter: police say utility crew was working on a power problem and was digging in the neighborhood. >> at that point they struck what they believed to be a gas line and from there it just escalated until it explode. >> reporter: police is scored residents from homes. one woman was killed. >> there was a car parked around she was found on the hood of the car. >> reporter: officials say they will continue to work on finding what ignited the gas. well, coming up on the "morning news," a teenager's lawsuit. a student sues her parents for
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financial support after she claims they threw her out of their home. later a surprise twist in the discovery of some million dollar gold coins. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ i found a happy place ♪ a rather happy place ♪ i'm singin', i'm singin' ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ i found a happy place [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. i love it. it's march, baby. it's time for toyota's sales event. yeah, you gotta let people know. i don't know... come on, jan. everybody loves a mascot. you try it, coach. bring it on. [ male announcer ] during toyota's #1 for everyone sales event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2014 camry.
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[ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® in florida a woman and her three children are safe after a dramatic ocean rescue tuesday. they were inside a minivan that drove into the surf at daytona beach. lifeguards and rescuers rushed to the vehicle. one by one they drove to safety. a tourist caught the scene on tape. they say i clear how the van got into the ocean. drivers faced a nightmare on interstate tuesday in arkansas. icy conditions and construction combined for massive delays. it took some drivers six miles to travel 20 miles. stalled vehicles also shut parts of interstate 55 down.
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the national guard helped motorists who ran out of fuel and food. a legal setback for a new jersey teen suing her parents. she asked the court to force her parents to pay for her education. they argued she left home. >> reporter: they saw their daughter for the first time in four months. rachel claims she was kicked out of the house. >> they wanted her to move, they wanted her to fail. they wanted her out of that school. >> reporter: the cannings claim she left voluntarily because she didn't like the house rules. court documents show tensions between the parents and daughter about issues like curfew, drinking, and the teen's boyfriend. but it's a case of they said/she said, and according to the judge questions the abilities of parents to make rules and children to take legal action
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against them. >> are we going to condone a 13-year-old to sue for an i phone? everyone else has one. why can't i. >> reporter: her father with walked over during a break. it ended abruptly. >> she's always going to be your daughter and they're always going to be your parents. >> reporter: a hearing will set next month to determine if the cannings will be required to pay for their daughter's tuition. straight ahead the weather and the latest proposal from th proposal from the nfl could change how points are scored on sundays. our oil offer comes with a four-tire rotation and a 27-point inspection. and everything looked great. actually, could you leave those in? sure. want me to run him through the car wash for you, too?
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chalky... not chalky. temporary... 24 hour. lots of tablets... one pill. you decide. prevent acid with prevacid 24hr. here's a looks at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports one night after pouring in 61 points against charlotte, lebron james was back on the court. would he come close to matching his career high in houston? not if the rockets had something to do about it. houston holds lebron to 22 points and he misses a last-second three to tie the game. the rockets down the heat, 106-103. even with a loss, miami doesn't lose any ground in the standings to indiana.
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the eastern conference standing pacers loose for just the fourth time at home this year. golden state's klay thompson sinks a jumper with less than a second remaining to give the warriors a 98-96 win. in college basketball, michael frazier set as school and conference record by hitting 11 three-pointers. he finishes with 37 points, and florida wins, 72-46. and former number one syracuse continues to slide. the orange fall at home to georgia tech, 67-62. since starting out 25-0, syracuse has lost four of five games. and in an effort to make every play more exciting for fans, the nfl is exploring a possible change to the scoring rules. the competition committee is considering plan to make extra point kicks 43 yards long. right now they are attempted from 20 yards away.
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well, last year kickers missed less than 1% from second point attempts. there has been no final decision but the longer kicks could be tried out this year during preseason games. when we return, buried treasures. a mystery of millions of dollars of gold coins found in a backyard takes an unexpected turn. gold coins found in a backyard takes an unexpected turn. exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? hello. [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and for a 100% real dairy snack you'll 100% enjoy try lactaid® cottage cheese.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a real housewives of new jersey star and her husband face prison time this morning. teresa and joe giudice pleaded guilty to fraud charges. they lied during pruptcy proceedings.
4:21 am
she could get up to 27 months behind bars. he faces four years and could be deported to his native italy. the california couple who found a buried treasure may have a story to go with their stash. the 19th century gold corns may have been stolen more than a century ago. as bill whitaker reports, they could have resolved a century-old mystery. >> reporter: the coins found in a can could be worth $27,000, but their pristine condition could make them worth more than $10 million. don kagan is representing the couple who found a can sticking above ground when they were hiking. >> nothing resonates like this. this is buried treasure, something we all fantasize about. >> reporter: but the near perfect condition of the 1,400 coins raised suspicion among historians who pointed to this art cal from 1901. it reports $31,000 stolen from the vault of the cashier from the san francisco mint. no trace has been found. the suspect in the case was
4:22 am
walter n. dimmick. the mint clerk served prison time after an audit found 1,500 coins missing from the mint vault. he denied any wrongdoing. >> there's no, no connection between these coins that were buried many, many years ago and a heist that took place at the san francisco mint. >> reporter: there's nothing regarding a finder's keeper's provision for stolen property, it's property of the united states. adding at this time, we do not intend to investigate. the mint may not want any money, but the irs does. profits earned from the sale of the coins is considered income and fully taxable. all that glitters -- well, you know the rest. bill whitaker, cbs news, san francisco. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this
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morning," reaction from former defense secretary robert gates to the crisis in ukraine. i'm anne-marie green. crisis in ukraine. i'm anne-marie green. your new favorite thing. spoons! which is why this choosy mom chooses jif. ...of america's number-one puppy food brand... spoons! ...with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow. ♪
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. russian troops fired warning shots to hold off ukrainian forces on the crimean peninsula. russian president vladimir putin says the situation is stabilizing. secretary of state john kerry was in kiev yesterday and announced a billion-dollar aid package for the government. a gas explosion in new jersey killed one woman and injured seven workers. president obama's newly unveiled budget proposal includes tax cuts for low income earners and spending on infrastructure and job training. it would also shrink the armed forces. mark strassmann looks at what would happen if tens of thousands of servicemembers
4:26 am
joined the civilian work force. >> reporter: jim reed retired from the u.s. army as a lieutenant colonel in 2011. after 27 years and nine combat deployments, he went looking for a job as a civilian. did you think at the time when i become a civilian, i'm going to have a skill set that i can use? >> oh, absolutely. i'm a nurse anext that tift, so easily transferable skill, something hospitals use every day throughout the country. >> you still had a rough time. >> i did, i did. >> reporter: reed has worked at three hospitals in three years and been laid off twice. >> it was very difficult to deal with and it kind of made me question, you know, myself a little bit. first time in a long time i had to do that. >> reporter: the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans 7.9%, higher than the average of civilians at 7%. the pentagon proposal budget
4:27 am
cuts could force roughly 90,000 servicemen and women to seek civilian jobs. >> similar resumes, similar skill set. >> in a bad economy. >> in a bad economy. >> yes, sir. >> what is going to be the rude awakening for them? >> the lack of opportunity. the lack of meaningful opportunity. my little brother is a full colonel in the air force right now, and he's one of the guys that you're talking about. so he and his family are waiting for what's coming. >> to you it stings that the same men and women who went to war for this country came home and now their country could be laying them off. >> yes. absolutely. second time last christmas and will start a new nursing job this may, but he'll have to commute 2 1/2 hours to wilmington, north carolina. mark strassman, cbs news, atlanta. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a live update on the developments
4:28 am
in ukraine and reaction from former defense secretary robert gates. plus, we'll take you to a lab where research is exploring embryo for intelligence. and we'll hear from the creators of the wildly popular mobile app tinder. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday, thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 5. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's "hump day," right,
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lawrence? >> yeah. you got to love that, one of my favorite days of the week and looking good. we are going to see some clouds rolling on in and some showers possibly making their way into the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. and we already have some big problems if you are an bees bay bart rider. the south hayward bart station close to the surfaced for a police investigation for a person hit the track last night. they are using shuttle buses. more coming up. >> thank you. it is 4:30. we begin with this. early this morning, the oakland city council approved part of a controversial surveillance program. the vote didn't take place until 1 a.m. following hours of debate. the domain awareness center is a proposed hub to monitor surveillance cameras stationed all around the city. but the city council approved the program only for the port of oakland. opponents had

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